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Wee Princess Math

4.2 ( 2992 ratings )
Games Onderwijs Educatief Gezin
Developer: GameMonger
0.99 USD

Wee Princess Math is an educational game that helps children learn kindergarten and 1st grade math (addition and subtraction), as well as hones their fine motor skills!

Children learn to add and subtract by completing mathematical equations. Fine motor skills are also improved when your child taps on the specific numbers that are needed to complete an equation as they cascade down the screen!

In addition, the equations and numbers are read aloud, so your child will associate the correct word for additional and subtraction symbols and numbers.

The game is designed for children as young as two years old and entertaining, and educational for children in pre-school through second grade.

With each tap, the child receives feedback from the princess based on their action. The app verbally congratulates the child when they select the right number, or it encourages them to try again if they make a mistake.

The game has 5 levels of difficulty, and the math equations get progressively more difficult in each level as, all while the letters cascade faster and faster down the screen.